Friday, February 18, 2011

Trading places: New names crack top 50's Bill Simmons provides his annual glance at the top 50 players in the NBA in terms of trade value. The list includes two Sacramento Kings players.

GROUP L: "Cost-Effective Building Blocks"

46. DeMarcus Cousins

So rarely in sports does someone live up to the hype. We thought Notorious D.M.C. could be a dominant scorer/rebounder AND a once-in-a-generation head case who immediately polarized fans and media members … yes and yes! In the past three weeks alone, he dropped a 27-10 on the Lakers, a 25-14 on Utah, a 19-15 on Dallas and a few punches on teammate Donte Greene's head, then subsequently got banned from a team plane and suspended. I want the opposite of a full refund for the DMC Experience. I'd like to pay twice. Let's run it back. And by the way? If I were a GM, I'd be calling Sacramento every day trying to get him. Repeat: Every day. You just never know when you might catch Geoff Petrie in a moment of weakness. It's coming.

GROUP J: "The Young Guns"

39. Tyreke Evans

This year's winner of the Sidney Wicks Memorial "I Know He's Putting Up Stats, And I Know He's Talented, But Man, It Seems Like His Teammates Hate Playing With Him" Award. I continue to believe "24/7: The 2010-11 Sacramento Kings" could have been the greatest HBO show of all time. Even better than "The Sopranos" and "G-String Divas." Coming up next time on "24/7": A friendly Monopoly game between DeMarcus and Tyreke's high school buddies goes horribly wrong …

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