Friday, August 07, 2015

2015 East Coast College Tour Day 8

After breakfast in the concierge lounge at the hotel, we grabbed the car. We have our last two college tours of the trip. The first stop of the day was Northeastern. I was surprisingly impressed by this school. They have an intern program that they call Co-op that mixes traditional classes with work experience. I was more than a little appalled that their slideshow was cut off on both sides of the screen...

2015 East Coast College Tour Day 8 - Northeastern

We had an interesting lunch at Summer Shack. Sharon and I split oyster and lobster sandwiches.

We spent the afternoon at Tufts College. For the informational part of the program, Tufts had one person speak for almost an hour. While he was well-spoken, an hour is a long time; I had trouble staying awake. It is a nice campus, but I don't think that it is the right place for Jack. It is probably the only college that we visited this week where I wouldn't even encourage to apply.

2015 East Coast College Tour Day 8 - Tufts College

While not quite as bad as Thursday night driving back from Boston College, it probably took us 45 minutes to drive 6 miles back to the hotel. I just can't believe the amount of traffic.

We finished the night with a late dinner at Mama Maria in the North End. I had lobster pasta, while Sharon and Jack had rabbit pasta.

I was amazed at the amount of people on the streets in the North End. All of the bars and restaurants were packed!

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