Monday, August 03, 2015

2015 East Coast College Tour Day 4

After sleeping late and having breakfast at the hotel, we walked to Georgetown. The plan for the day was to visit Georgetown University and George Washington University. I was very impressed with the neighborhood that we walked through on the way to the Georgetown campus.

At Georgetown University, we sat through a 30 minute information presentation and then took a tour. The tour was longer than others that we have taken and lasted almost 1 1/2 hours. I was very impressed with the campus and the opportunities that are available in the Washington DC area.

With a 2:30 pm tour at George Washington, we walked back through the Georgetown University main gates and jumped in a cab to George Washington University. It is amazing how easy it was to find a cab. After lunch at Chipolte, we sat through another 30 minute presentation and took a hour tour. George Washingon has a very urban campus, but it is bounded within a specific area. While the urban campus has some drawbacks, the proximity in Foggy Bottom to the White House, State Building and other government buildings creates some very unique opportunities. I hadn't thought seriously about either of these schools, but was very intrigued by both of them.

2015 East Coast College Tour

After the George Washington tour, we walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to M Street and our hotel. Sharon and I had a drink in the bar and then got cleaned up.

We finished the night driving out to the Nooters in Arlington. Nooter barbecued some pork and chicken. Both Weston and Austin were at dinner. It was a very nice dinner. I appreciated being able to spend some more time with Nooter. Facing an early morning on Tuesday, we left about 10:00 pm and headed back to the hotel.

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