Friday, March 01, 2019

2019 London - Day 2

2019 London - Day 2

Sharon and I landed at Heathrow at about 9:40 am. Walking what seemed like a mile, we wandered through passport control and our luggage was waiting for us. Jack landed about 10:15 am. By 11 am, we were all together and had all of our luggage.

Walking through customs without a second look, the driver was waiting for us. We arranged for transportation from London Connections. This is the same company that we rented the apartment from. This is a Utah based company recommended by Rick Steves. I have been very pleased with their service so far.

By noon, we were in the apartment. We are spending eight nights in a two bedroom apartment at 34 Beaufort Gardens in the Knightsbridge area of London.

After getting settled, Sharon and I wandered out to explore the neighborhood. Harrods is about a block and a half from the apartment. I have never quite seen any thing like it. It is a very high end department store. We wandered through the store looking for somewhere to grab some lunch and checking out the grocery section.

We ended up having a bite to eat at Caffe Concerto across the street. We split a antipasto misto. Afterwards, we bought some groceries and continued to explore.

I had hoped to try to hit one of the major sites like Westminster Abbey in the afternoon. I couldn't get anyone rallied. With the overnight flight and the time change, everyone was more than a little out of it. We all ended up taking a nap.

Getting cleaned up, we headed out for a late dinner. Sharon and I had wandered by a pub called Bunch of Grapes earlier. We all had fish and chips upstairs. After dinner, we wandered downstairs and had a pint. It was nice to have chance to visit with Jack. We crashed about 10 pm...

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