Monday, November 11, 2019

2019 Fall East Coast Trip - Day 6

This was the first day that I sent an alarm on the trip. We were up and moving about 7 am. After staring to pack, we caught an Uber to Saxbys near Jack's apartment. We met Jack for breakfast at 8 am.

After breakfast, the three of us walked into campus and wandered through the bookstore. Jack took off for class about 9:30 am. We walked back to the hotel. Off of M Street, we walked up Dumbarton Street to Rock Creek Park. We enjoy exploring the streets in Georgetown.

We caught an Uber back to BWI about 11:30 am. The drive took about an hour. Although the driver was following Google Maps, I am very perplexed by the route that we took. For the first time, I had an odd experience with Uber billing. The initial bill was much more than I expected. I intended to try and contact Uber, but before I could I got an email with an adjustment down to the original rate that I had committed for...

Breezing through the luggage check and security with CLEAR and TSA Pre, we had a bite to eat at Vino Volo. I upgraded Sharon's boarding pass from C14 to A11. Nevertheless, we weren't able to get one of the two seat sections on a new 737.

The flight was uneventful. We are on the ground in Sacramento a little before 5 pm. In spite of multiple planes landing at the same time, the luggage showed up fast. Sharon made the point that the flight was continuing to Portland and they would want to get it unloaded quickly.

For only the second time that I can remember in the last couple of years, the garage was full when we showed up last Wednesday. We ended up at the back of the daily lot. Catching a shuttle to the lot, we were home before 6:30 pm.

I am already scheming how I can get back to see baby Lee!

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