Thursday, November 07, 2019

2019 Fall East Coast Trip - Day 2 [Baby Lee!]

First grandchild - Lee HufflingFirst grandchild - Lee Huffling

After a long travel day, we were moving a little slow in the morning. Eventually, we both wandered down to the fitness room. I ended up running 5.2 miles in an hour.

Afterwards, we got cleaned up and had breakfast in the bistro in the hotel. The plan for the day is to drive to Acworth, New Hampshire to visit David, Morgan and baby Lee. Lee was born two and a half weeks ago on October 21.

Although it is only about 70 miles, it took over an hour and a half. The drive was beautiful. More than half of the drive was on two lane roads through some very small towns. Sharon and I need to come back and spend a couple of days exploring the area.

We got to Morgan and David's house about 1:00 pm. We visited them there two years ago on our fall trip.

We spent a couple of hours visiting with Morgan. Lee eventually woke up and we got to spend some time with him. As Sharon said later in a text to Drew and Shannon, I am very smitten by Lee.

David eventually wandered home from work. In the late afternoon, Sharon and I headed into Bellows Fall, Vermont to pick up some take-out Chinese food at Joy Wah. It took a surprisingly long time to wind our way to the restaurant and back.

The four of us had a nice dinner. With a lactation consultant coming at 7:30 pm, we took off.

The drive back to the hotel in the dark was a grind. With a mixture of rain and snow falling, it took about an hour and forty-five minutes. After a nightcap at the hotel, we crashed.

I am very conflicted. I am really want to come back and see the baby again soon! Unfortunately, it is journey to get to Acworth...

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