Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sacramento Kings: John Hollinger's 2009-10 NBA Forecast

Sacramento Kings: John Hollinger's 2009-10 NBA forecast
Tyreke Evans brings some hope to Sac-Town, but the Kings are still a long ways away


The Kings probably won't be quite as bad as they were a year ago. Up front, Thompson and Hawes should be a year bigger and stronger... Martin should be healthier than he was a year ago, and along with Evans gives the Kings a pair of go-to scorers... Udrih and Garcia can produce satisfactory results in bench roles that are more in line with their skills...

Westphal should be worth a few wins as well, as he'll let the kids work through their mistakes and develop through game experience...

Nonetheless, it's a long way back from where the Kings are right now. It took several years of mismanagement to reach this lowly point, and they aren't gong to climb out overnight. As the season begins, they're the odds-on favorite to finish with the league's worst record.

Prediction: 22-60, 5th in Pacific Division, 15th in Western Conference

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