Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I finished reading Tularosa by Michael McGarrity last week. At a graduation party for Sharon's nieces, Tom, Jim and I started talking about books. When I mentioned that I had just finished reading a mystery by Hillerman, they recommended Michael McGarrity's books. Based on their suggestion, I ordered the first of his books.

McGarrity's western crime-suspense novels take place in modern New Mexico, with law enforcement officer Kevin Kerney as the protagonist. Tularosa is set in the Tularosa Basin, on the White Sands Missile base and in Juárez, Mexico.

After laboring through the Picasso biography, the book was a nice light change of pace. Nevertheless, I give it a lukewarm thumbs up. I did not find it as good as Dance Hall of the Dead. Although I am tempted to read one of McGarrity's books actually set in Santa Fe (We visited there in 2007), I am ambivalent about reading any more of this series.

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