Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DeMarini Top 96 Showcase Day 1

Jack spent a long day at the Dobbins Baseball Complex at the UC Davis participating in the DeMarini Top 96 Showcase. The schedule included clinics on hitting, outfield mechanics and third base play.

Each of the boys was also evaluated by a college coach. In Jack's case, it was David Carter from Utah Valley University. They used the following scale: 5-exceptional; 4-above avg; 3-avg HS; 2-below avg HS; and 1-needs improvement.

In hitting, Jack rated 4 on balance, 3.5 bat speed, 3 on power and 4 on swing path. In fielding, he rated 3 on footwork, 3 fielding, 2.5 exchange, 2.5 arm strength and 3.5 on accuracy.

They timed the boys over 60 yards. Jack's time was 7.4 seconds. This is rated as average high school. College level times are 6.8 to 7.1 seconds. Jack said that one of the boys ran a 6.7.

Most of the boys participating in the showcase were entering their junior or senior years in high school. Jack will only be a sophomore next year.

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