Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Jesuit Fall Ball Cardinals versus Laguna Creek

Jack played in his second game for the Jesuit Fall Ball Cardinals. They played against Laguna Creek at Laguna Creek High School. Josh and Niko were playing for Laguna Creek. Jack played with them on the Gunners and Outlaws over the last five plus years.

At the plate, Jack was 0 for 2 with a walk. In his first at-bat against Josh, Jack walked. They had Alex run for Jack and let him bat again. He ended up lining out to centerfield; the outfielder made a nice diving catch. Jack grounded out to the left side in his second plate appearance against Josh.

In the field, Jack played seven innings alternating with Wolger in Left and Center field. He had one put-out on a long fly ball.

The Cardinals got stomped. Josh pitched 5 innings and giving up 2 hits, 2 walks and no runs. Conversely, the Cardinal pitching got hit hard. Combined with more than a few errors, the Cardinals lost the game by the score of 12 to 0.

The Jesuit Fall Ball schedule is here.

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