Monday, October 06, 2008

Different Paths

Twenty eight years ago today, I started working for Farm Credit. I had already been out of college for almost 16 months and working at job that I did not like and frankly was not very good at; more on that subject in a coming video postcard. Although I was a slow learner at that point, my first job did start to teach me a number of interesting life lessons.

I remember very clearly making the decision to take the Farm Credit job [I was on a road trip to Park City, Utah with Tomasin, Wallen, Nooter and Connor to play rugby]. The decisions in the following year had a profound impact on where my life has lead me.

It dawned on me that Drew is at the same point in his life. He graduated from college about 16 months ago. I am very proud of Drew's music and what he has accomplished over the last few years. It is just that thinking about all of this made me realize how different the path that he is traveling is from the path that I traveled. When Drew was in college, the path did not seem to different; now it does.

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