Friday, October 03, 2008

John Hollinger's Team Forecast: Sacramento Kings

John Hollinger is forecasting that the Sacramento Kings will win only 23 games this season. Let's put this in perspective. Since the Kings have been in Sacramento, they have won fewer than 24 games only once. In 1989-1990, the Kings had 23 wins and 59 losses; Larkin and I split season tickets that year. Essentially, he is suggesting that this would be one of the two worst seasons in the history of the Sacramento Kings. I will offer my prediction after I see a couple of pre-season games.

ESPN - Hollinger's Team Forecast: Sacramento Kings - NBA
The Kings are going to be substantially worse than they were a season ago, and I'm not sure they're prepared for how hard a fall this is going to be. Looking up and down their roster, they have only one above-average player (Martin) and several positions that shape up as major question marks.

Prediction: 23-59, 5th in Pacific Division, 14th in Western Conference

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