Thursday, June 09, 2016

Vine Trail Bike Ride and Dinner

With Jack off camping, Sharon came over to spend the night with me in Napa. We got a couple of bikes from the hotel and rode the Vine Trail to Yountville.

We headed to Ciccio for dinner. We had dinner there last July. Grabbing a seat the bar, we did some planning for our summer trip. We had a very nice dinner of prosciutto wrapped melon, a soft-shell crab salad, zucchini and pan fried branzino. The fish was very good.

Overall, we rode 13.8 miles round trip. We didn't leave the hotel until almost 6:20 pm. This is the first chance I have gotten to see the second half of the trail to Yountville. By the time, we got back to the hotel, it was almost 9:00 pm and getting very dark!

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