Sunday, August 06, 2023

2023 Lake Almanor - Day #2

Everyone was moving slow. I had hoped to run early in the morning, but couldn't get everyone going.

I finally got Jack, Sharon and I organized to drive over to the Knotty Pines Resort to pick up a patio boat. We took Lee with us. I rented a 20' foot patio boat for the week. I ended up buying a toy that we can pull behind the boat.

There was a small kerfuffle getting the boat. When they test drove the boat before they gave it to us, they weren't happy with how it was running. They ended up pulling it out of the water and draining the pantoon. Sharon, Lee and I took a leisurely ride back to the Dorado Inn along the shore.

Before lunch, I got Sharon and Barb to go with me to the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail. I ran about three miles in forty minutes, while Sharon and Barb walked two miles.

After lunch, I organized a large group to take the patio boat out. We pulled a number of people, including Lee behind the boat on tube. We stopped and everyone went for a swim. We cruised up to the damm and back to the resort. With the weather warm in the valley, it was a very calm afternoon on the lake.

The Tomasins made dinner. Lo made a couple of great charcuterie plates. For dinner, they served chicken, sausage, salad and beans.

Sharon and I finished the night visiting with Nooter and Barb in their cabin. Nooter and I played one game of cribbage. I skunked him.

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