Thursday, August 10, 2023

2023 Lake Almanor - Day #6

The plan for the day was to play golf at the Lake Almanor West Golf Course. We had 1120 and 1130 tee times. Like Tuesday, Sharon, Jack and Jason teed off first and played three man best ball. Nooter and I ended up playing by ourselves.

After playing pretty well on Friday at Ancil Hoffman and Tuesday at Bailey Creek, I played horribly. I couldn't get off the tee and three putted a lot of the greens. My struggles got into my head and I played worse instead of better. Thankfully, it is only a nine hole course! I am not going to post the scorecard...

Afterwards, we had a bite to eat in the clubhouse. Jack and Jason decided to play the course a second time from a different set of tees.

David and Lo, Chris and Cassie and Mikey all took off in the morning. Several of them had to work on Friday. John and Julie spent the day going to Redding to visit John's mom. Chris took the ski boat back to Santa Rosa.

When we got back to the Dorado Inn, I organized a group to go out on the boat, including: Rob and Barb; Drew and Carmen; Morgan, Daniel and Lee; Gail, and Joy. We stopped and everyone went for a swim. Afterwards, we cruised down to Hamilton Branch. There used to be a restaurant called the Hamburger Hut that we went to for years. We floated and tried to figure out where everything used to be. I was surprised to see a large house with a seaplane.

Getting cleaned up, we took 17 people to dinner at the Timber House in Chester. Sharon and I spilt Roasted Brussel Sprouts [Served with fresh herbs, bacon, shaved parmesan, balsamic onions & glaze]. I had Linguine Alfredo [Linguine tossed with a creamy garlic, parmesan sauce, with seasonal vegetables and herbed grilled chicken]. Sharon had Grilled Seabass [With grilled seasonal vegetables, herbed butter and lime basmati rice, and caper beurre blanc sauce]. I really enjoyed the evening.

Nooter and I finished the night with a game of cribbage. He won.

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