Wednesday, August 09, 2023

2023 Lake Almanor - Day #5

I brought our three inflatable kayaks. While Sharon went to the store with Morgan and Daniel, I blew them up and put them together. Drew took one of the singles and went with Gail for a long paddle south towards the dam.

After Sharon got back, I took one of the singles. I paddled past Chabrier's old house. I was gone for almost exactly an hour. For some reason, I couldn't get Runkeeper to track the distance on my watch. I would guess that I covered a little more than two miles.

After lunch, the Tomasins and Snipes took off for the Almanor West Golf Course. Tomasin, Keith, Chris and Mikey played nine holes.

I took the patio boat out with a large group. We towed Drew, Drew and Carmen and David and Lo on the tube. I had hoped to get Lee in the tube again, but he was not willing. Much to Sharon's chagrin, I buried the front of the boat in a wave making a turn.

We drifted for a while near the Dorado Inn. Everyone, including Lee, went for a swim. It was a fairly windy afternoon.

When we got back to the dock, Gail, Drew and I spent a long time sitting in the boat catching up. I miss Ricky.

Andrew, Carmen, Daniel and Morgan made shrimp and chicken shish kabobs for dinner. While the kids were making dinner, Lee and I watched Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie on my iPad.

With the kids playing Unstable Unicorns, Nooter and I played a couple of games of cribbage. Getting a number of very good hands, I won two out of the three games.

I had an odd experience with my Volvo. When I went to try and get into the car in the morning, the key wouldn't work. I was a little panicked. Sharon picked up a battery for the key at the store. Thankfully, after replacing the battery, everything worked fine.

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