Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Driving back from Almanor on Saturday, Sharon and I listened To The Ringer Big Picture Podcast talking about the movie Barbie and interviewing Greta Gerwig. Sharon had seen the movie already with Morgan. Planning out the week, we decided to go see Barbie on Tuesday afternoon at the Country Club Cinema.

This may be the start of our annual trek to see all of the Oscar nominated films. As of today, the Goldderby web site has Barbie fourth on the list of potential best picture nominees. It has Margot Robbie fifth for best actress and Ryan Gosling second for best supporting actor.

Sharon gives the film a 9.5 and described it as her La La Land. She enjoyed it even more the second time.

The movie is very ambitious. The set for Barbieland is visually amazing. The plot is more complex than I expected. I enjoyed the movie and recommend it. While I think that it might be nominated for best picture, I would bet that it doesn't win best picture or best director...

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