Friday, August 11, 2023

2023 Lake Almanor - Day #7

Sharon and I headed into Chester on Friday morning to shop. We committed to make dinner for the group on Friday night.

After getting back to the Dorado Inn, Sharon and I headed to the Dwyer View parking lot on the Lake Almanor Recreational Trail. We both ran. I covered about 2.7 miles in forty minutes.

When we got back to the Dorado Inn, Carmen's parents Mike and Pam were there. They came up from Chico and are spending the night in Drew and Carmen's cabin.

After getting some lunch, I took a large group out on the patio boat. It included: Jack and Jason; Morgan, Daniel and Lee; Drew and Carmen; Mike and Pam; Nooter, and; Sharon and I. We pulled Drew and Carmen on the tube and stopped to swim.

At some point, we dropped Jason at the cabin so that he could go back to work. We went back out on the lake for a swim.

I dropped everyone back and the cabins about 3 pm. I took off back across the lake to return the patio boat to Knotty Pines Resort. Drew and Lee picked me up.

When I got back to the cabins, Sharon and I organized a pre-dinner cocktail for everyone. I brought a bottle of Harris Gin, Mediterrean Tonic Water and Grapefruit to make Gin & Tonics. This was the combination that bartender served Tom and I when we got to the hotel on the Isle of Skye.

As the cocktail hour was winding down, I started the coals. I barbecued three large tri-tips and some chicken for dinner. I don't consider grilling my strong suit, but everything turned out pretty well. We also grilled some potatoes and corn. Sharon made an interesting corn on the cob recipe.

A large group finished the night laying on the logs along the shore watching the Perseids meteor shower.

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