Saturday, August 12, 2023

2023 Lake Almanor - Day #8

Up early, I started packing. I tore down the three inflatable kayaks and got them back into their bags. I loaded the golf clubs and the kayaks in the Volvo.

I then started cleaning the kitchen. We had a little bit of mess from making dinner on Friday night.

It took a couple of hours to clean up the cabin and get everything into the car.

One of my goals for the morning was to get some group pictures that I could use for the Christmas Card. We took a lot of pictures of different groups.
Interestingly, everyone seems to be on board for trying to come back again next year. It would be nice to restart the annual tradition! Drew talked to Lisa about coming back next year.

Saying goodbye, Sharon and I rolled from the Dorado Inn about 10:50. We backtracked on 147 to 89. We made a quick stop for gas in Chester. Planning to take 36 all the way to 5, we stopped for lunch at the Highlands Ranch Resort. Although the service was a little slow, we had a nice lunch on the deck. We both had a SPICY TACO SALAD [romaine hearts, five chili spiced beef, pear tomato, roasted corn salsa, black beans, avocado, black olive, chipotle ranch]. It might be interesting to come back to this resort in the winter.

We picked up 5 in Red Bluff and the 80 in Sacramento. We listened to an interesting The Ringer Big Picture podcast about the movie Barbie.

We were back in Sacramento just before 4 pm.

It was a great trip. I will post a number of observations tomorrow.

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