Wednesday, August 27, 2014

California Historical Landmark #258

Back working in Sonora in June, July, August, September, October, November and December of 2014, I started exploring the California Historial Landmarks in Calaveras County. Sites that I visited included: Valley Springs [#251], San Andreas [#252], I.O.O.F. Hall [#256], Fourth Crossing #258, Congregational Church [#261], Stone Corral [#263], Chili Gulch [#265], Jenny Lind [#266]; Mokelumne Hill [#269]; Pioneer Cemetery [#271], Douglas Flat [#272]; Carson Hill [#274], Robinson's Ferry [#276], Angels Camp [#287], Altaville [#288], Vallecito Bell Monument [#370]; Old Mining Camp of Brownsville [#465], Red Brick Grammar School [#499], Calaveras County Courthouse and Leger Hotel [#663], Angels Hotel [#734]; Prince-Garibardi Building [#735], and; Birthplace of Archie Stevenot [#769].

Looking to the northwest, this is one of the more picturesque locations for a California Historical Landmark marker.

Fourth Crossing
California State Historical Landmark #258

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This landmark is located On State Highway 49 at San Antonio Creek, 5 miles south of San Andreas, California in Calaveras County. There are 40 other California State Historical Landmarks in Calaveras County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 07.837 W 120° 38.071.

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California Historical Landmark #258

Located on the Stockton-Murphys Road at a crossing of the Calaveras River, this early mining settlement, once called Foremans, was famous in the 1850s for its rich placer ores. Later, as an important stage and freighting depot, it served the southern mines until after the turn of the century.

California Historical Landmark #258

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