Thursday, September 29, 2022

2022 Greece and Turkey - Day #13 - Rhodes, Greece

Exploring Rhodes' Religious Past: A Mindful Living Tour
Top 3 Reasons To Book
  • The magnificently intact Old Town of Rhodes
  • The island's religious history explained and explored
  • Churches, synagogues, mosques opening their doors to you
Enjoy a panoramic view of the old town, passing by the impressive battlements of the Medieval town of Rhodes with a brief stop at Mount Smith, offering a splendid panorama of the city of Rhodes.

Arriving at D'Amboise Gate, you will start your guided stroll through the Medieval town and discover the places of worship that influenced the island's history.

Your expert Theology guide will introduce you to the many religions and denominations that coexisted peacefully in this historically rich town. Visit the Ibrahim Mosque, Kahal Shalom, the oldest Jewish synagogue in Greece, St. Francis or Santa Maria and finally the Orthodox Church of St. Fanourios.

At the end of the tour, relax at a cafe and enjoy a local sweet and refreshment as you reflect and discuss on the island’s religious past.

Please note: Wear comfortable walking shoes. Inside church visit(s) may not be possible if religious services are being held. Modest attire is required; knees, shoulders and midriffs must be covered; shorts and short skirts are not allowed.

As an extension of Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil, this Mindful Living tour is designed to deliver an experience that contributes to mind and body wellness.

Sharon and I went to the Observation Bar to watch the sun rise and the ship sail into Rhodes. While I drank coffee, Sharon had a light breakfast. Eventually, I ran up to the Colonnade for a little more breakfast.

This will be one of my favorite days. The excursion was “Exploring Rhodes' Religious Past: A Mindful Living Tour.” It included a walking tour of the magnificently intact Old Town of Rhodes; an explanation of the island's religious history. and visits to Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Jewish and Muslim churches. So much of history and culture in this part of the world is wrapped up in religion.

The group was only six people. The tour guide did a very nice job.

After the excursion, I ran back to the ship through the Sea Gate to put on a pair of shorts. Sharon did some shopping. When I caught back up with her, we had a nice lunch of a Greek salad and pita and hummus a little off the beat path.

Back on the ship through the Virgin Mary Gate, we took a nap. Eventually, we went to the pool and hot tub on the 9th deck for the first time.

We finished the night with dinner at the Thomas Keller Restaurant. This is the second time on the trip that we have eaten there. We were both disappointed in the meal. For starters, Sharon had a CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD [Prepared Tableside], while I had a CHILLED GLOBE ARTICHOKE [with Garlic Aioli]. For entrees, I had ELYSIAN FIELDS FARM LAMB T-BONE [Red Wine Poached Prunes], while Sharon had “TRUE” RIB-EYE OF SNAKE RIVER FARMS BEEF. We shared ROSTI POTATO FRIES [Seasoned Salt] and YOUNG SPINACH [Creamed].

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