Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sharon and Tom's 2022 New York Adventure - Day #13

Up at 3:30 am East Coast time, Sharon and Tom drove to Albany International Airport and dropped the rental car. They caught a 6:00 am American Airlines flight to Chicago O'Hare.

On the ground on time in Chicago, they ended up sitting in the plane on the runway for an hour and forty-five minutes due to weather. There was lightning in the area and ground crews weren't allowed outside. As a result, they missed their connection.

While it continued to pour in Chicago [see 49ers versus Bears NFL game], Sharon and Tom worked with American to figure out how to get home. Initially, they were automatically rebooked on a 5 am flight on Monday morning. Eventually, they got scheduled on a 1:39 pm American Airlines flight to San Francisco. The flight didn't end up leaving Chicago until 2:42 pm.

I drove to San Francisco to pick them up. Thankfully, the traffic was light. With one quick stop, it only took two hours and fifteen minutes.

Parking in the hourly parking, I caught up with them in the baggage claim area. It turned out that their luggage somehow was in Dallas?!?.

It was fairly easy drive home. By the time we got Tom's keys at Eric's house, dropped Tom at home and got some food, it was after 8:30 pm when we got home.

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