Wednesday, September 28, 2022

2022 Greece and Turkey - Day #12 - Bodrum, Turkey

Culinary Bodrun
Top 3 Reasons To Book
  • Shopping with a chef at a local market
  • Learning about the art and style of Turkish cuisine
  • Preparing and eating a wonderful Turkish lunch
Your day will start with a visit to a local market where you will shop with a local chef for the ingredients you will use when cooking. Enjoy the vast array of fresh produce -- olives, homemade jams, vegetables and fruits beautifully displayed and vivid with color. Mix with the locals who are doing their daily shopping, and experience the sights and sounds of a Turkish market.

Continue to the village, where each house is a replica of the original stone homes built here centuries ago. One of these will be your kitchen for the day. Here, you will learn about the art and style of Turkish cuisine. It is the refined product of centuries of experience, with simple tastes and top-quality ingredients being the keys to success.

Lunch will be served at the restaurant, including the dishes you have cooked with your own hands, along with a glass of Turkish wine.

Return to the port, taking with you some wonderful memories of your day out in Bodrum.

Repeat. Up early, I wandered up to the Observation Bar to drink coffee, enjoy the sunrise, watch the Seabourn Encore sail into port and work on the blog.

With Sharon moving slowly for the second day in a row, I ran up to the Colonnade and grabbed some breakfast. I brought her back a plate of food.

As part of getting organized for the fall dinner party, we signed up for two cooking excursions in the second week of the cruise. Catching the bus just after 9 am, we spent the day shopping with a chef at a local market, learning about the art and style of Turkish cuisine and preparing and eating a Turkish lunch.

I enjoyed the food preparation a lot more than I thought that I would. It gave us a bunch of ideas for the dinner party.

Before lunch, they gave us a short tour of the wine cellar. The Karnas Vineyard grows mostly Zinfindel.
The lunch was excellent.

The only downside on the day was that it was about an hour drive to the Vineyard. We got back to the ship about 3:30 pm and stopped briefly at the room. We took a Seabourn shuttle to the castle and the downtown.

We toured the Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Afterwards, we wandered through the shopping area. Sharon ended up buying some nice pillow cases. Eventually, we caught the shuttle back to the ship.

We finished the night with dinner at the Sushi Restaurant. We had:
  • HAMACHI MIZORE YUZU [Yellowtail, Daikon Radish, Yuzu Kosho];
  • ABURI SCALLOP [Torched Scallop, Yuzu Dashi, Red Radish, Mustard Cress, Chives];
  • MIZUNA [Mizuna Lettuce, Baby Tomatoes, Sesame Dressing];
  • HAMACHI ROLL [Yellow Tail, Scallions, Cucumber Taru Taru], and;
  • OYAKO ROLL [Salmon, Green Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber, Marinated Salmon Roe].
After some excitement onboard, apparently, there was a fire in an incinerator, we crashed just before 11 pm.

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