Sunday, September 18, 2022

2022 Greece and Turkey - Day #2 - Piraeus, Greece

I have always said that my super power is that I can always sleep. My kryptonite is that I can't sleep sitting up on planes. The ten hour flight from Chicago to Athens was rough. Letting Sharon take the aisle, this may be the worst international flight I have ever had.

We were on the ground in Athens at 7:30 am, about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Getting through customs and picking up our luggage went quickly. It is amazing how well the Apple Air Tags works; you can see your luggage pretty much real time.

Shawna had a arranged a driver to pick us up. He was waiting when we exited the baggage claim area. It was about a 45 minute drive from the airport to the port. Our ship, the Seabourn Encore, was docked and unloading paasengers.

Part of the challenge is that our broading time for the ship was supposed to be 3:20 pm. We weren't sure how we were going to kill six hours. Talking to the Seabourn staff at the port, they said we could drop our luggage after 10 am and then co'me back after 12 pm.

Wandering the area near the port, we didn't find much open on a Sunday morning. We ended up at an odd cafe-bar along the main street.

We got back to the pier just after 12 pm. We breezed through the check-in. The rooms weren't ready yet so we sat in the Colonade and had a glass of wine. Within 30 minutes, they announced that the rooms were ready.

We are in suite 738. After picking up the room keys and watching the safety video, we wandered the ship to figure out where everything is.

From the time that we left home on Friday, it took us 36 hours to get on board the ship. Suffering from a short night's sleep on Friday and very little sleep on the overnight flight, we fell asleep for an hour or two.

Getting cleaned up, we went to the Observation Deck. Looking out of the front of the ship, we watched as we pulled out of the port. I was a beautiful sunet. Afterwards, we wandered to Land & Ocean for dinner. I had short ribs and Sharon had salmon for diner.

After wandering the 7th deck a bit more, we crashed really hard.

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