Thursday, September 22, 2022

2022 Greece and Turkey - Day #6 - Mykonos, Greece

With Sharon sleeping late, I wandered up to the Observation Bar for some brewed coffee. Eventually, I rousted Sharon about 7 am. We were scheduled for a beach excursion at Ella Beach. With Sharon feeling a little under the weather and the weather outside cloudy and cool, we decided to pivot. There were no spots available in the Strolling Mykonos excursions so we decided to explore the town on our own.

We caught the tender into Mykonos about 10 am. Using a map and directions on my iPhone, we did a Rick Steves walking tour. With its narrow winding streets, Mykonos is very interesting. Unfortuantely, the city was packed with people. There were five cruise ships in the harbor. As we wandered along, Sharon did some shopping.

After the walking tour, we hunted down a jewelry store that Sharon wanted to visit. Then, we retraced our steps to revisit a couple of stores. Eventually, we went back to an out of the way restaurant that we had found. We had sea bass (branzino) for lunch. It was very good, but expensive.

Taking the tender back to the ship, Sharon took a nap. I went to Deck 5, soaked in the whirlpool and read my book.

We had an early dinner in the Thomas Keller Restaurant. You can only book a reservation in this restaurant once during the cruise. I had a CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD [Prepared Tableside], while Sharon had a SUPER-CHILLED ICEBERG LETTUCE SALAD [Applewood Smoked Bacon, Marinated Cherry Tomatoes and Blue Cheese Dressing]. We spilt a ROASTED FREE RANGE CHICKEN AND THYME JUS.

After two fairly late nights, we crashed very early.

I enjoyed the visit to Mykonos, but like Mendocino and Maui, I am done with MyKonos...

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