Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2008 Laguna Youth Baseball Travelers All Star Tryout #3

Jack went to his third try-out for the U9 Laguna Youth Baseball Travelers All Star team. On Sunday April 27, he attend a 4 hour try-out. On Sunday May 4, Jack went to a second 3 hour try-out. The coaches asked five boys to come back tonight for one more look.

I am very proud of how well Jack did. They had the kids take infield for about 20 minutes. Jack played extremely well at both first and third. He handled about a dozen grounders and line drives cleanly and made some great throws and catches. The boys then took about 5 fly balls in the outfield. The session finished up with each kid hitting for about 5 minutes. While Jack was not the strongest at the plate, he made a lot of contact.

The coaches said that they would post the team on the web site on Thursday or Friday.

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  1. So did Jack make the All Star team?