Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008 AAA Baseball Game #16

Jack played in his 16th and last regular season game of the 2008 little league baseball season. The Padres played the Astros.

Sharon remarked during the game that all of the kids seem to be ready to be done with the season. They are not focused on the game. At practice on Monday night, the coaches had a very hard time keeping the kids' attention.

Jack has not played in almost two weeks and looked very rusty. He was 0 for 2 from the plate with a walk. Jack struck out looking in his first at bat. He struck out swinging in his second plate appearance. Jack walked his third time up and stole second.

Jack played five innings at shortstop. He has only played shortstop this year; he has not appeared in any other position.

The Padres lost by a score of 12 to 4. Their record for the regular season is 6 wins, 9 losses and 1 tie. On April 21, their record was 5 wins and 3 losses. In the last five plus weeks, the team has had 1 win, 6 losses and 1 tie.

All of the teams are in the playoffs which start this weekend. The seating was by draw and Jack's team got a first round bye. As a result, they do not play until early next week.

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