Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Flag Football Game #6

Jack running for a touchdown from heringermr on Vimeo.

Jack played in his sixth and final game of the 2009 CSD Flag Football season. The Quick Silver played the Jet Hawks.

Jack played offense in the first half. He caught four passes including a long pass for a touchdown. Trying to throw deep, Wes threw a little bit of a duck. Jack did a great job of coming back for the ball, making the catch and then scoring. A lot of the kids do not adjust their routes once the ball is in the air. Jack does a good job of reacting to the ball. On the touchdown pass, he looked a center fielder tracking the ball in the air and making the catch.

Jack ran with the ball twice. In the video included above, Jack takes the ball, makes one kid miss, gets to the sideline and then turns on the jets. Jack also ran a half-back option play three times: the first time he threw an incompletion in the end zone, the second time he put the ball away and ran for a short gain and the last time he threw a strike into the end zone, but was across the line of scrimmage.

Jack played defense in the second half. With the Jet Hawks on the one yard line, they tried to run a flair in the end zone to Jack's man. As soon as the quarterback rolled to Jack's side of the field, I knew that the other team was in trouble. Covering a shorter player, Jack jumped the route and made the interception. He raced up the sidelines for a touchdown. Jack also made a number of good plays on defense, including not giving up on the play and catching several players from behind.

Although I had an argument with Jack about the final score, I think that the Quick Silver beat the Jet Hawks by a score of 45 to 34. The Quick Silver's record in games that Jack played was 3 wins and 3 losses.

The team might play in a flag football tournament in West Sacramento in November.

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