Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Kings Tickets Draw

For the last twelve years, I have been part of an odd group that shared Kings season tickets. Through some unfortunate twists of fate, I actually ended up managing the group for the last three years. As I predicted last fall, due to the economy and the Kings record, I was not able to keep that group together.

Over the last year, I mentioned to a number of people that I might be looking to join a different group. I ended up joining a group that includes Marlene, Alan (a parent of one of Jack's classmates) and a couple of lobbyists. We drew the tickets last night at Hangar 17. Although I was a little confused initially about how the draw was going to go, I am pleased with the tickets I got.

The previous seats were in the second row of the upper deck behind the cameras. These seats are in the lower level on the side opposite the benches on an aisle.

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