Friday, October 16, 2009

Jack returning an interception for a touchdown

Last Saturday, Jack's flag football team played Cole's team. I spent most of the game wandering the sideline with my flip camera.

Late in the game, Jack intercepted a long pass and returned it for a touchdown. He is #20 on the far side of the video at the beginning. Unfortunately, I was playing more attention to the game than where I was pointing the camera. As a result, I do a poor job of following him with the camera after the interception.

I am intrigued by video because of the move that he makes after he intercepts the ball. Starting up the field, he makes a move towards the center of the field, cuts to the outside and accelerates to the sideline for the touchdown. As an athlete, I was never capable of making that kind of move...

Jack returning an interception for a touchdown from heringermr on Vimeo.

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