Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Out of the Dark into the Light

For the first time in almost exactly twenty-five years, I have bought an Apple Mac. The last time I bought a Mac for myself was September of 1984 and Drew was seven months in utero. My sister and I have bought MacBooks for both Drew and Morgan as college graduation presents.

Over the last three years, I have carried an HP laptop running Vista for work. The desktop in the den at home has been a five and a half year old HP running XP Media Center. Using these two computers every day has convinced me that Vista really added no value to the Microsoft Windows franchise. I have tried to articulate this to Microsoft on several occasions...

The HP in my den has been getting slower and slower. I was trying to make it to the introduction of Windows 7 in late October. Unfortunately, it died a painful death and I have been unable to get it running again. I have been toying with the idea for some time and decided that I would replace the home desktop with an Apple Mac. I got a Mac Pro.

I ordered my offsite back-ups (>140G) from Mozy. Using the back-ups, I was able to get my iTunes library rebuild in about 30 minutes. I was using Picasa to manage my pictures. I downloaded the Mac version and loaded all the pictures into Picasa in another 30 minutes.

So far, I am extremely pleased with the Mac. I am going to switch my work laptop to Windows 7 in the next month. I will be interested in comparing the Mac running Snow Leopard with the HP running Windows 7.

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